Build your custom dream home with private estate amenities in the highly-desired Orono school district.  Chamberlain Fine Custom Homes is building its finest neighborhood yet just down the road from downtown Orono and the cluster of Orono schools.  Six distinct and powerful homes will be built on the former legendary Stubbs Family Farm, all with immaculate ambiances and unique defining features.  Styles can range from quaint modern farmhouse to New York loft with modern, sexy edges; sprawling single-level living to robust multi-level masterpieces.  Due to its location and lot size, each site can be expanded to include outbuildings, sports courts, pools, tennis courts, or other unique features for the estate.  Each homesite will have its own look, feel, and story to tell.  Now taking reservations.  Book now to be part of the design process.


No problem!  We are happy to build on any lot in the western suburbs.  We’ll help you figure out what type and size home we can build on your property, as well as discuss with you any lot or design elements you need to take into consideration for a successful build project.  Building on certain lots can be challenging.  Getting the right information at the right time is pertinent to making solid design decisions and getting your project off on the right foot.

Our Lots don't meet your needs?

That is not a problem either! One of our team members is a licensed Broker and can help you locate the perfect home site for you. If the lot owner is willing to sell it, we can help you buy it. We will work closely with you to evaluate and understand all of the intricacies involved in building on the lot so you feel confident in your purchasing decision.